About Big Blast

The Mission of Big Blast Fireworks is to provide
retail fireworks sales as a fundraising tool for non-profit organizations.


The Big Blast Story


Original Opening

In 1986 Harry and Sherry Barbour began Big Blast as a way to provide funds for the education of their children. Fireworks sales provided financial benefits as well as the flexibility their family required to raise three children. With this in mind, during the first four years of operation, Big Blast was a family venture only.

The Barbour family has always had a heart for missions and outreach programs. As fireworks sales became more successful, they desired to expand their business while assisting outreach programs.  In 1991, the Barbour family entered their first cooperative fundraising project and Big Blast was born.



With a love for fireworks and a desire to see her family operation expand, in July of 2011, Melissa Barbour-Torkleson along with her husband, Chris, opened their first air-conditioned fireworks building in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. The Sand Springs Fireworks Superstore is operated by and benefits a local Church Youth Group.


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