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Our Mission is to provide quality fireworks at the guaranteed best price, while partnering with non-profit organizations to raise money for their causes and outreaches.


Thank you for your inquiry regarding fireworks fundraising.  Our mission at Big Blast is to provide fireworks as a fundraising tool for non-profit organizations.  Over the last twenty years, we have helped groups to raise thousands of dollars by selling fireworks.


QUALIFICATIONS TO BE A BIG BLAST PARTNER.  We work with non-profit groups such as Churches, Civic Groups, Sports Teams, School Clubs or one of many other community organizations.


GROUP PROFIT.  Big Blast pays 20% percentage of net sales. The history of typical group earnings range between $3,000 and $12,000.  There is the potential for an experienced returning group to exceed these amounts


MINIMAL GROUP EXPENSES.  Big Blast provides all fireworks at no “up-front” cost to the group. We also take back any unsold inventory at the end of the season. A fully functional sales location with either a 40 x 60 tent or one or more conventional 24’ stands is provided.  The only supplies the group is responsible to provide are simple items such as tape, staples, and pens.


BEST INVENTORY.  We carefully select the inventory for each location’s specific market. The Big Blast inventory variety far exceeds our customer’s expectations, and all fireworks are guaranteed to ignite!  Plus, our pricing is very competitive; customers can save up to 30% over local vendors.


TRAINING AND SUPPORT.  Big Blast provides a complete instruction manual and a group leader’s training meeting for your leadership team, as well as an abridged handbook for your volunteers.


MARKETING.  Big Blast is committed to partnering with you for your success.  We provide flyers to pass out in your area, and it has been proven that they significantly impact a group’s sales. We also offer our famous FREE Family Pack GIVEAWAY to draw the customer to your location.


NAME RECOGNITION.  The Big Blast name has gained recognition over the years, both through our intensive marketing and through the media.


GROUP DISCOUNT.  Group volunteers can receive a discount off the original price of personal fireworks.

At Big Blast we start early and stay late to ensure our groups get every possible benefit.  We are here to help you in staffing recommendations, increasing your sales, assisting in community public relations and much more.  Our considerations for accepting new groups are made from the application process.

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